Support Policy

Depending on your purchase, you are entitled either to a one time fix (when you reach us via Get Support) or to 1 month of Premium Support with the purchase of the Premium Support plan. The support is considered Premium, as we provide guaranteed reply time and direct communication with a development team.

Support Communication

All support communication will be handled only in English.

How to get support?

You can get Support by accessing OpenCart Zendesk support with your Username and Password to submit a ticket via our online ticket support system. In order to guarantee short response times and ensure guaranteed deliverability, we recommend using our ticket support system as a primary source. We strongly advise you to use our ticket system as a primary tool for support. We are not to be held accountable for any unreceived email or longer response times, due to the choice of the following tools of communication: email and comments on the OpenCart forum, private emails, social networks, etc).

In order for us to provide support, you need to submit working web store admin and FTP credentials. After the matter of the ticket is resolved by the OpenCart Commercial support staff, we strongly recommend for you to immediately disable the temporary FTP and web store access given.

Support Hours

We are processing support requests from 3 AM to 12 PM every business day, at Eastern Time (ET). Although most of the support issues are handled within 24 hours, in some complicated cases, weekends and national holidays, it could take up to 72-96 hours or more, depending on the case.

General Premium Support Policy

OpenCart commercial support is a FREE Support channel for all customers, who have purchased our services. Any additional general OpenCart Support inquiries or support-related issues relating to server configurations or other external OpenCart configurations are not part of this agreement.

What is covered by the Commercial Support

We cover OpenCart installation and setup, configuration questions such as setting up your OpenCart and adjacent native OpenCart functionalities such as: store, system, modules, shipping, payment providers, languages and more. We will also cover module consultations (recommending a module whenever applicable), bug fixes and issue profiling.

What is not covered by the Commercial Support

Services, such as complex customer specific customizations, custom extension development, as well as improvements of third-party extensions, front end changes, theme customizations, payment method changes and general functionality-adding requests are considered a custom development, hence are subject to charge separately.

Support for MijoShop, AceShop, JooCart, Arastta and other non-native OpenCart ports

If you are not running OpenCart, but a branch of OpenCart such as the ones listed in the title, we reserve the right to deny support or offer support at a surcharge. This is necessary as these ports (MijoShop, AceShop, JooCart, Arastta and other non-native OpenCart ports) are not pure OpenCart versions, and it takes our team extra efforts to support them and keep them version consistent.

Support Acceptable Policy

Although the Commercial Support will act in its best intention to fix all of the issues we have a certain limit of availability. The monthly support is limited to 10 issues/tickets per month. We also will not be able to guarantee support fixes for badly/poorly coded modules or OpenCart versions <1.5.4.x. We also cannot provide fixes if client has installed a wrong version of the module (example module which is for but installed on OpenCart 2.x).


Refunds will be considered if we are not able to deliver the promises based on this agreement. Refunds will not be granted in cases where the hosting or other third party external services are not cooperating and not providing access or not acting according to our recommendations. Refunds will also not be granted in case the customer is not providing access to their FTP and web store admin. In the case of a refund, we will process the refund only for the current month and not for the whole contract period.

We also provide refunds, no questions asked, in the case of a stolen credit card used to purchase an OpenCart Commercial Support Service.

Your access will be banned permanently in cases of account forgery, falsified data, abuse, offensive behavior or copyright infringement.